Depending on the size and scope of a project, a construction contractor can hire various construction equipment. These machines lift large building materials, dirt, and sand. Choosing the right equipment for the job can be a vital factor in ensuring the safety and quality of a construction project. Visit this site to get info about Dubai new building projects.

Heavy construction equipment and material handling equipment:

Construction equipment is categorized into two types: heavy and material handling. Heavy construction equipment includes draglines, excavators, and cranes. These machines move materials, dig trenches, and level the ground. They are also used in mining operations. The equipment is operated by hydraulic pistons and can be movable or stationary.


Excavators are one of the most popular types of construction equipment. They are used to dig trenches, build foundations, and level ground. They are equipped with a boom and a bucket. Some excavators also have a ripper attachment that breaks up the surface rock. They can also be equipped with a grappler.

Telescopic cranes:

Telescopic cranes are another type of construction equipment. They are mounted on tracks and have a large boom. They are perfect for short-term jobs. They also have hydraulic cylinders inside the boom. They are typically used for short-term jobs or confined areas. They can also be used for demolition. They have a maximum lifting capacity of 20 tons.

Road rollers:

Road rollers are also commonly used in construction sites. They can compact concrete and press down the soil. They are used in agricultural fields and waste landfills. They are also used to lay asphalt roads. They are sometimes used in factories. They can also be used to bore through rock.


Bulldozers are powerful construction machines that are used to excavate heavy materials. They can be mounted on continuous metal treads or a trailer. They move materials with a horizontal blade and can also be equipped with a grappler or ripper attachment. Hydraulic pistons power them. They come in a variety of sizes and styles. They are used to move solid stones and dirt.

Skid-steer loaders:

Skid-steer loaders are wheel-driven construction vehicles that can move heavy materials. They are available in different sizes, can be equipped with various tools, and are quick. They are also good at handling snow. They have an operating cabin that is equipped with various tools.