Acai bowls are very stylish Trend and somehow a fashion now days it was introduced many years ago. Nowadays it is also known as super food because the image that is created on the social media networks did denotes that it is very healthy and it has many benefits regarding your health. But when we will go in depth of it. It doesn’t seem like it’s that much healthy for your body because it contains the same amount of sugar when you compare it with other Sweet dishes. Most of the people who are eating this super food feel really confident about their health but actually it’s the opposite of it. The best thing about acai bowls are it’s really eye catching, it has photogenic effect and it is delicious. 

Acai berries are very popular berries but it has more element of antioxidants than other natural berries such as strawberries, blueberries, Cranberries. Acai berries are not found fresh in market now a days mostly they are in frozen shape, juice or in puree form. 

Nowadays people just follow the trend without doing any research on it which is sometime harmful for your body if it comes to eating. An average bowl of acai berries have frozen fruit nut butter almond milk nuts seeds in all other high nutrient foods 

It is a proven research that consuming a lot of sugar has been linked into diabetes, obesity and other negative diseases. This thing represents that we should do a proper research about what we eat and what we consume. An individual can’t just go with the flow or just follow the trend going on social network. A person thinks that acai bowls at specialty coffee in Dubai are healthy and after that he can eat whatever he want. Then he is totally wrong. You can have bowl of an acai berries once in a while but you cannot eat it on regular basis it will give you some sugar fats which afterwards are not easy to reduce 

The ingredients that are base in an acai berries bowl are blueberries, bananas sometimes it is topped with different fruits this bowl is high in fiber and Vitamin C but it contains big amount of sugar which is almost equals to 15 to 20 ounces of Coca-Cola this shows that if you look closely on the ingredients of acai bowl cafe it shows the sugar level and t it shows the sugar level which is not that good for your health.