The Difference Between the iPhone and the OnePlus 9R


The new flagship of the smartphone maker, the OnePlus 9R, is making waves in the industry today. The phone, like its older spiritual predecessor, is meant to bridge the gap between low-budget smartphones and mid-riders. While the overall design and specs list have got some changes, the OnePlus 9R still offers similar performance to its older sibling. If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful smartphone, this might be the one for you.

Before delving into the world of Oxygen OS, it’s important to know what sets the phone apart from other smartphones. The similarities end with the build quality and the way Oxygen OS implements features such as the notification shade and quick reply options. The difference is in the way the phone functions. In this Oxygen NineR review, we’ll explore the differences between this phone and its competition, specifically the iPhone 7 Plus and the HTC Desire HD. OnePlus 9R

The most obvious difference between the iPhone and the Oneplus 9R is its chipset. The iPhone runs on the A5 chip which is pretty much Apple’s own design – the company basically owns the snapdragon 870 from Samsung. The HTC Desire HD on the other hand, utilizes the MSMAs (Mobile Shortage System) platform of Samsung. Since neither company has licensed the intellectual property for the A5 or snapdragon processor from the other, therefore it’s easy to see why the oneplus 9R uses an entirely different processor.

In terms of the iPhone and oneplus series phones, the one distinction is in the battery life. With the iPhone, you can easily get five to six hours of battery life while the oneplus series phones with the Tegra processor will give you anywhere from five to ten hours of battery life. This difference can be seen in many apps, but the battery life with the iPhone and the Oneplus watches is very small in comparison to the long battery life of the chipset.

The Pro 5G however comes equipped with a new charger that is made by Samsung. The iPhone has no charger whatsoever and must be connected via Bluetooth to use its wireless abilities. The Pro 5G however comes with a micro SD slot that can support cards for more than one hundred and fifty songs. The iPhone can only support up to two hundred and twenty songs. The difference here is that the iPhone’s dock connector is made by Apple and therefore cannot connect to certain cards. The micro SD slot of the Pro 5G can therefore support more songs and therefore provides you with more options when it comes to music.

The one big difference between these two gadgets is the price. The iPhone has been introduced just a year ago and at present, it is considered a bit of a luxury gadget as opposed to an ordinary smartphone. The Oneplus 3G on the other hand has been launched just over a year ago and has become a great success thus far. The Oneplus has been sold out at many online stores and is not available in many brick and mortar stores yet. While the iPhone cannot exactly be called a “mini smartphone” because it does not have all the features of a smartphone, it has managed to create quite a buzz in the mobile world due to its unique form and functionality.

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