Some Useful Apps For Your Samsung Galaxy M01


Samsung Galaxy M01 is a great phone in my opinion. It has the ability to function as both a phone and a tablet. When you buy it online, you can avail of its several benefits. There are various ways to buy Samsung galaxy M01 and here are some of them. The main things to consider when buying them are listed below:

o Mobile connectivity options When buying Samsung galaxy m01, you need to consider its compatibility with various sets of GSM networks in India. Depending on your connectivity options, you can either choose a contract plan or a pay as you go option from the Samsung. You can also check out its international connectivity options through various networks in India like virgin mobile, sim free, etc. samsung galaxy m01

o Rear camera The Samsung galaxy m01 has a 12.2 megapixel camera which offers you a clear picture quality. It is also compatible with the new sensor technology of Sony Ericsson. The pictures shot with this smartphone can be saved in either the microSD card or the SD card. The latter can be accessed by connecting the device to the computer or any other photo service provider.

o Primary camera setup The Samsung galaxy M01 has a primary camera which offers you a higher level of clarity than the regular one. This will be perfect for taking snaps that you would want to last for a long time. However, it is available only on the rear camera. This feature is also available in the Nokia E71 and HTC Evo phones.

o Apps The smartphone has plenty of applications which you can download from the Samsung Apps Store. These apps can help you make the most of the features of this smartphone. For instance, the Games app allows you to play games on the Samsung galaxy M01. The video recording app allows you to capture videos with the help of the front cam and the infrared lens. You can even preview the videos on the Samsung apps store before you shoot them.

Overall, the Samsung galaxy M01 has all the features to make it a perfect smartphone. You can access professional services and manage your work effortlessly with the help of theorientation fuzzy dialer and the calendar Widget. Samsung Apps help you manage your tasks efficiently. You can even synchronize your contacts and email using the Contact wizard. The screen is filled with large icons which will allow you to scroll through various menus and options easily. Samsung Galaxy S has been loaded with high performing mobile applications which make it run smoothly.

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