New Year, New You? Sticking To Those Resolutions?

Have you noticed all the ‘new year, new you’ marketing messages?

Before you send away for a years supply of a slimming drink, 12 months membership to the gym, a ‘Hip, Bum and Tums’ implement of torture from a dodgy shopping channel, get yourself a cup of your favourite brew, sit down and let us talk.

The New Year is now well under way, how is the new you part coming along? Are you now going through the annual ritual of self-punishment and loathing as your resolutions have become a distant memory, put on the back burner for another 12 months?

The coming of a New Year does carry an outstanding amount of hope, optimism and freshness (psychologically the use of the word ‘new’ being a leading contributor, let’s leave language and triggers for another day). visit:-new year desktop background 2022

Is it because the 1st of January is the only day of the year when we’re fully aware, present and paying attention to the passing of our clock time, is that why we become melancholy and introspective about it?

When you’re celebrating are you conscious about the hands on the clock and join the chorus of “half an hour to go, ten minutes, five minutes, 20 seconds, 10, 9, 8…Happy New Year!” Is there another time in the year you do this?

Some people who realise that their time is indeed passing set about creating for themselves little life instructions. They choose the beginning of a new year to resolve problems or find solutions to lifetime habits.

Now, I’m not belittling resolutions it’s the ‘done once a year’ part that I’ve got a bee in my bonnet with. I applaud the act of resolving problems, goal setting, and planning. I congratulate and I’m always in awe of an individual who is willing and committed to spending more time thinking about their life than they do planning a two-week holiday every year.

We all have unlimited potential to create a life of our own choosing, more than we could possibly need in an entire lifetime. Yet New Year resolutions don’t cut it – for at least 95% of people who set them! The person declaring ‘I’m giving up smoking’ or ‘I’m going to be thin’ or ‘I’ll find the perfect partner’, backed by airy fairy, wishy washy thinking may find they are done, failed and dusted by the 5th of January.

However, if they had started out strong, with a clearly defined plan plus a desire to break through all and every barrier that could be thrown in their way. Like a ninja or warrior armed to the teeth with ideas, creativity, commitment, solutions, determination, drive and prepared to sweat really hard they may still be going strong half way through January.

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