Interior Office Design – An Overview of Designing Floorplans for Offices

Interior office design is a lot more complex than interior design for residential projects and in this article I will provide a basic overview of what is involved in the first task of most office interior design projects, the floorplan.

Interior Office design Floorplans

The interior floorplan of an office or layout as it is often called is the first task in planning an office. Spaceplanning as it is often referred to is a specialized skill and not only requires good creative problem solving ability but also specialized knowledge of building standards as well as knowledge of the company’s requirements who will reside there, commonly known as the client or tenant.

The process and aim of the floorplan layout is to achieve a plan that meets all of the companies requirements in terms of how many offices, meeting rooms, storage areas and so forth and also complies with the relevant regulations and standards.

The floorplan will also include designs for many technical and engineering services such as:


  • Electrical designs for lighting and power
  • Emergency services designs for exit signs, emergency lighting and evacuation warning systems
  • Designs for all communications services for phones and computers
  • Designs for Fire sprinklers of fire detection systems and also fire hose reels
  • Designs for Air conditioning
  • Designs for plumbing services
  • Designs for security and access control systems 오피


The floorplan will also need to meet some specific standards such as:


    • Emergency exit or egress compliance to enable safe and fast evacuation in the event of an emergency such as a fire.


    • The disabilities Discrimination Act or DDA which ensures safe and easy access for persons with a disability such as wheelchair access.


  • Various Standards applicable to the country which cover standards for Air conditioning, fire services, partitioning and many others

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