One of the benefits of setting up a business in the Shams free zone is its easy access to trade, industrial, and service licenses. It also provides a range of flexible office options and allows you to have as many as 50 shareholders. Furthermore, it is easy to incorporate and maintain a business here; employees can be as young as 18. Here is useful information if you are looking forĀ a Shams e commerce license.

Sharjah Media City offers a single license for e-commerce and general trading

Sharjah Media City is an integrated free zone that provides business licenses to e-commerce and general trading businesses. Besides being free of taxes, Sharjah Media City allows its businesses to obtain a UAE resident visa and tax residency certificate.

Applicants can choose between several office types. These options include a fully-customized office, a shell office, and a core office. A dedicated office space allows business leaders to focus on strategic areas. It also provides a private environment and networking opportunities for businesses.

It also offers a service company license

The SHAMS free zone is a great choice if you’re a start-up company looking for a new business opportunity. Its unique business model encourages creative and media businesses to thrive in a tax-free environment. Those who start their companies in the SHAMS-free zone enjoy zero corporate taxes for 50 years, zero import and export duties, and complete repatriation of all capital.

Allows you to conduct business in different sectors

The e-commerce license at Shams free zone allows you to conduct business in different sectors. It is advantageous for entrepreneurs who want to conduct e-commerce without being tied to one specific sector. The license allows you to sell goods, services, and other products and services within Shams. It is tax-free and allows for the repatriation of your profits and capital. This license allows up to 50 shareholders and is ideal for businesses that want to establish a presence in UAE.

It is a thriving center for events, media, and import and export

The Shams free zone is a unique business location suitable for various commercial activities. It is a thriving center for events, media, and import and export. Its streamlined setup process makes it easy to establish your business. The business community is supportive, and a host of networking events and conferences are organized regularly. Business owners can meet potential clients and receive advice and support from other entrepreneurs.