Using a combo roofing system in UAE is the fastest way to waterproof a roof while giving you the highest degree of thermal insulation. It combines the stability of polystyrene resins with the thermal insulation properties of polyurethane spray foam. It provides excellent temperature control and prevents water penetration, which is ideal for a hot climate. It also reduces noise and allows easy installation on various roofs.

A combo roofing system is a comprehensive multilayer system comprising a waterproofing layer, thermal insulation, and a finishing coating. It is the most energy-efficient method of roofing a home or office. The technology uses specially designed detailing and optimized application techniques to achieve the best possible result. Unlike standard roofing methods, this technique ensures that the roof lasts as long as possible.

The most common system involves spraying two-component PU foam over a screed concrete layer. The polyfoam forms a remarkably thick and impermeable waterproofing layer, which is very effective in sealing up pores and cracks in the slab. The most impressive feature of this system is that it offers 100 percent bonding to the substrate. This is particularly important in a humid climate such as the UAE. The finished product is a robust, watertight roofing solution that is virtually maintenance-free.

The top coat is a wear-resistant and UV-protected coating. It features a polyurethane component that is BS 5241 part compliant. It is also one of the few materials worldwide tested to withstand chloride ions. It is also a good choice for a waterproofing roof for an industrial facility. A 25-year warranty backs the finished product.

The most important feature of a combo roofing system is the ability to provide a thermally insulated, leakproof roof. Its sturdily constructed foam slabs and high-quality polypropylene staple fibers are designed to offer a level of thermal resistance a mile ahead of most other systems. It also meets the newest thermal insulation standards in the UAE. The best part is that major property developers widely accept it.

The cheapest way to install a combination of the best roofing systems available on the market is to hire an experienced installer. These experts can save you money in the short and long term. Moreover, these professionals are highly trained and dedicated to providing the best roofing services for your property.