Apple Authorized Resellers in UAE are independent companies that sell Apple products and services. They have certain criteria for qualification, including a minimum annual volume of Apple sales, and are not allowed to sell competing products. They are also independently owned and may focus on business-to-business or retail sales. They are members of the Apple specialist marketing cooperative, which began in 2004 and has grown to over 160 members. If you want to become this reseller, here are some important things you need to know.

Reseller agreement:

You must sign an Apple authorized reseller agreement to sell Apple products. You must meet certain criteria, including sales targets and objectives. If you meet these requirements, you may receive monetary compensation. However, you should avoid purchasing Apple products from unauthorized sellers. Every brand recommends that consumers purchase only from authorized retailers, and Apple is no exception.

Once you have signed up as an Apple authorized reseller, you can sell Apple products online or at physical retail locations. Many Apple authorized resellerhave dedicated sections in their retail stores. These sections are known as Apple Shops. You can also sell refurbished Apple products. The policies for selling Apple products differ between authorized resellers and retailers. However, you are not permitted to discount Apple products without permission from Apple.

Terms and conditions:

Several terms and conditions bind you if you are an Apple authorized reseller. These guidelines apply to your use of the Apple authorized reseller store and the products you sell. The first set of terms governs your ability to sell Apple products in the Apple authorized reseller store.

The second set of terms governs your obligations to Apple. When you sell Apple products through a third party, you must ensure that the third party complies with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If you cannot do so, Apple will not provide any compensation or commission to the third party.

Product categories:

If you’re looking for Apple products, an Apple authorized resellercan be your source. Apple authorized resellercan sell Apple products on their websites and stores. They often have dedicated sections for Apple products. These resellers are essentially miniature Apple stores. However, you’ll find a few differences between them and Apple itself. For example, Apple authorized resellercan’t sell Apple products at a discount, and their return policies are different from Apple’s.