If you’re looking for Chinese takeout, you should consider a few must-try dishes. These include Peking duck, Shanghai-style crabs, orange chicken, and Jiao Zi dumplings. These are all popular Chinese dishes and should be tried on your first trip.

Peking duck:

Peking duck is a famous Chinese dish best enjoyed by friends and family. The meat is moist and tastes similar to steak than chicken. The duck is typically cooked to medium rare. This is done to preserve moisture and flavor. The meat is dark pink and is served with cucumbers and scallions.

Jiao Zi dumplings:

Jiao Zi dumplings are one of the most popular Chinese dishes and should be tried by everyone. It is a filling and tasty dish that is full of history. It is also a great dish to share with others. The dumplings make a great bonding experience.

Shanghai-style crabs:

Shanghai-style crabs are one of the city’s most popular dishes. This succulent, meaty crab is available at many local restaurants and can be found in grocery stores and vending machines near subway stations. While the crab is available all year round, the best time to eat it is from October to November. The crab’s dark hair is it’s a main distinguishing characteristic and is incredibly tender and delicate. It is typically steamed whole and is accompanied by a ginger-vinegar sauce.

Orange chicken:

Orange chicken is a dish with a colorful appearance, as well as a sweet, spicy flavor. It is best eaten with a side of rice, which is an essential part of Chinese cuisine. It can also be served with Chinese coleslaw. This salad is healthy and complements the flavor of orange chicken perfectly.

Kung Pao sauce:

If you’re looking for a Chinese dish that isn’t overly spicy, Kung Pao sauce is for you. This stir-fry sauce has a distinctive tingle of heat from the Sichuan pepper, but it’s not overly hot. The sauce is thickened with cornstarch, but the result is a sauce that is less tangy than many other Chinese dishes.

Sichuan chili oil:

Sichuan chili oil is an essential ingredient in Chinese cooking. This versatile oil can be used in a variety of different dishes. To prepare this spicy oil, you’ll need to grind dried red chilis into flakes. Then, mix in minced garlic and Sichuan pepper. The oil should be at least 225 degrees Fahrenheit, with bubbles forming around the ingredients. Once the oil reaches this temperature, add the aromatics and simmer them for 30 minutes to an hour.